The Church has always believed that music (and art) can make one’s soul more disposed to receiving graces at Mass; therefore music is an important integral part in the Church’s Liturgies at St Joseph – St Stephen Churches.

Many people sacrifice their time, effort, and talent to enrich the Mass with beautiful music through membership in the choir – for the “Greater Glory of God” as Johann Sebastian Bach wrote at the top of his manuscripts. Choir members come from all walks of life: There are quite a few teachers – retired or active, nurses, people that work at SUNY Oswego in various roles, engineers, retired construction workers, etc…. We all have one thing in common that brings us together: Namely, a love of music and our Catholic Faith. We do this by singing a very eclectic library of music. From Gregorian Chant to the Renaissance Masters (Palestrina) up to modern composers (i.e., Rutter).

The choir practices once a week on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM. The location of the rehearsals dovetail with the churches. For instance, if the choir is scheduled to sing at St Stephen Church the rehearsal beforehand will be at St Stephen and vice versa. Unless there is a special occasion we always sing on Sundays, the Day of the Lord – either at the 9:00 AM Mass at St Stephen or the 11:00 AM at St Joseph. The choir “season” begins the week after Labor Day to Christmas. We then take a winter hiatus from January into February and starts again around Ash Wednesday into Lent. We end around the Feast of Corpus Christi usually in early June.

Approximately six years ago with the approval of the pastor at the time, Fr Baranski, St Joseph Church and St Stephen choirs merged. It was decided to combine the talents and friendships of both parishes to support both the Bishop and the Diocese in the new configuration. Music can be shared – a catalyst for mutual enrichment of both parishes.

If the above sounds like something that you’d be interested in joining please contact the Director of Music, Tom Castilano at 315-383-9088. No knowledge of the technical side of music is required. Just bring your enthusiasm.